Chickens at the Bus Stop

My coffee’s still warm as I sit at the kitchen window and watch my kids walk down the stone path to the driveway. The bus should be here any minute. I catch a movement coming from the barn and see our flock of Buffs making a bee-line after the kids. Someone forgot to lock them in last night. They are hungry. I have visions of them hopping up the bus steps as the driver kindly keeps the door open.

So in my red flannel pj’s – the ones with the penguins in Santa hats – I bolt out the door into the cold. “Here Girls!” I call. “Here Girls!”

“Mom!  What are you doing?” calls my teen, a look of terror on his face.

“Oh My God!” yells my fourth-grader.

It’s not the chickens they’re worried about mind you. It’s the sight of their mother in her night wear flapping her arms at a bunch of hungry waddling chickens and what this will do their reputations.

But once I’m committed to a cause I’m tenacious. “Deal,” I tell them as I round up my girls and usher them down the driveway back to the barnyard.

I’m not sure if the kids got any flack. They haven’t said. Nor have they thanked me for my courageous efforts.

It’s just something we mothers do.


4 responses

  1. I have those pajamas. I’m SO running down to the school bus tomorrow morning with Ben’s lunch that he always seems to forget, just so I can say “DEAL!” Love it!

  2. My Daughter and her Partner dote over their chickens. It’s way beyond naming the girls…they carry their hens and roosters around like cabbage patch dolls. Only the best organic diet. The chickens are FaceBook stars too! Becky posted U-Tube videos of hatchings and constant updates to all their friends on the health and productivity of the flock.

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